Ten C&S Lawyers Nominated to Finnish Bar Association Committees and Expertise Groups

The Finnish Bar Association selected the following lawyers from Castrén & Snellman to committees and legal expert teams for the 2022–2024 term:


Samuli Tarkiainen continues as a member of the Professional committee

Eija Warma-Lehtinen continues as a member of the IT committee

Expertise groups

Janne Lauha continues as chair of the securities and finance law group

Oona Fromholdt-Nyman joins the administrative law group

Kiti Karvinen continues as a member of the competition law group

Eija Warma-Lehtinen joins the technology, communication and data protection group and Ville Kukkonen continues as a member of the group

Jenni Korhonen joins the tax law group

Pauliina Tenhunen continues as chair of the corporate law group, and Vesa Rasinaho continues as a member of the group

Heidi Malmberg continues as chair of the environmental law group

Further information on the compositions of the Finnish Bar Association’s committees and legal expert teams is available on the Association’s website (in Finnish): https://asianajajaliitto.fi/2022/10/hallitus-on-nimennyt-valiokuntien-ja-asiantuntijaryhmien-jasenet-kaudelle-2022-2024/