Sakari Salonen and Hilma-Karoliina Markkanen contributed to the Unfair Trade Practices Guide

Sakari Salonen and Hilma-Karoliina Markkanen participated in writing the first edition of the World Law Group’s publication Unfair Trade Practices: A Global Comparative Law Survey. Sakari and Hilma-Karoliina contributed by writing a chapter on Finland, addressing questions as to which law deals with unfair competitive behaviour, which practices are deemed unfair, and how fairness is enforced in Finland.

The subject of the guide, produced by the WLG’s Intellectual Property & Information Technology Group, is the law against unfair competition in the context of unfair trade practices. The guide provides an overview of the relevant law in 37 countries prepared by experts in the WLG member firms. The guide shows that laws against unfair competition differ among nations, but that there are also some strong similarities, and also that some unfair trade practices, like discrediting competitors, are subject to sanctions all over the globe.

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