New Practical Guide to the Employment Contracts Act Published for Employers

Castrén & Snellman attorney Outi Tähtinen has authored a guide to the Finnish Employment Contracts Act together with Kirsi Parnila entitled Työsopimuslaki käytännönläheisesti.

‘Anyone representing an employer should be familiar with the Employment Contracts Act. The act is mostly made up of mandatory law, but just reading the text of the act itself often doesn’t reveal what the most sensible course of action for an employer is in a given situation or what matters can be agreed in deviation from the act. We wanted this book to bring together the key provisions of the Employment Contracts Act with tips on their application based on practical experience, which for example HR professionals could find useful’, says Outi Tähtinen.

Many parts of the Employment Contracts Act changed on 1 January 2017. Among other things, the duration of trial periods was extended, the duration of the obligation to rehire shortened and the conclusion of fixed-term contracts made easier. Tähtinen and Parnila take a practical perspective on these changes in the book, and cover all of the main areas of the act with examples, such as:

Outi Tähtinen is an experienced and practical employment law professional who is specialised in employment law issues and related dispute situations and co-heads Castrén & Snellman’s Employment service. Outi co-authored the book with Kirsi Parnila, who is a lawyer responsible for employment law advice at the Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce.