Leave Your Car at Home for Zero Emissions Day on 21 September: Take the Public Transport, Cycle or Walk to Work, or Work Remotely

Castrén & Snellman invites its personnel and clients to join the international Zero Emissions Day on 21 September 2018.

Castrén & Snellman invites its personnel, clients and business partners to leave their car at home on Friday and to commute by public transport, by bike or on foot. Or why not work remotely and avoid transport altogether?

Our firm was invited to join the Zero Emissions Day by the Climate Leadership Coalition, which we have been a member of since 2016. The Zero Emissions Day aims to give the Earth a day off from fossil fuel consumption, to call attention to the climate impacts of our daily decisions and to encourage everyone to make more sustainable consumption choices.

‘We always strive towards the best results, but not at the expense of the environment. That is why we are thrilled to participate in the Zero Emissions Day. We encourage our clients and colleagues who join the effort to spread the message by posting a photo of their remote office or journey to work on social media with the hashtag #Nollapäästöpäivä or #ZeroEmissionDay’, says Merja Kivelä, a Castrén & Snellman partner.

CLC members will mark the day with campaigns for their customers, employees and other stakeholders. They will also work together with schools. Read more on the website of the CLC.

Let’s work together to give the Earth a day off!

For further information, please contact:

Kaisa Barkman
Merja Kivelä


Castrén & Snellman Attorneys Ltd is a member of the Climate Leadership Coalition and the FIBS corporate responsibility network. We are also the first law firm member in the WWF’s Green Office network, which we have been a part of since 2009. This year, we began compensating our flight emissions by supporting environmental projects recommended by the WWF.