Julian Lagus Appointed to Finnish Figure Skating Association’s Ethics Committee

Associate Julian Lagus has been appointed to the ethics committee of the Finnish Figure Skating Association.

The remit of this recently established committee is still taking shape, but one key goal is to develop practices and create practical procedures to support ethical guidelines in the sport of figure skating. ‘The association has been focused on responsibility for a long time now, but the implementation of rules could use improvement’, Julian says. ‘Figure skating at the highest level is demanding and takes ambition. Both athletes and coaches tend share a certain pedantic and perfectionist streak. However, the hard work to achieve great results has to be done in the spirit of fair and responsible sportsmanship.’

In his day job at C&S, Julian works with complex financial regulation issues, but he already has a long career as a top figure skater behind him. His achievements include the Nordic championship in the junior men division and representing Finland in the European Youth Olympic Festival in 2009. Julian has also coached younger figure skaters in Finland and abroad. His personal experiences of international competition combined with his skills as a lawyer make Julian an excellent fit for this position of trust.

Julian believes that participating in ethics committees is a natural way for lawyers to have a social impact. ‘As lawyers, I think we could be more active in societal debates. Lawyers play a key role in upholding the rule of law’, Julian says. ‘I see the increasing importance of responsibility in business on my desk every day. For instance, among other work, I’m currently reviewing the EU’s Action Plan on Sustainable Finance.’