Eija Warma and Anette Luomala participated in the Global Data Breach Guide

Eija Warma and Anette Luomala participated in writing of the second edition of the World Law Group Global Guide to Data Breach Notifications. Eija and Anette contributed by writing a chapter on Finland, discussing how companies are, according to Finnish law, obligated to act in case of a data breach.

Produced by the WLG’s Privacy & Data Protection Group, this guide provides summaries of relevant law, data breach reporting requirements, contact information for relevant data protection authorities and more, currently for 60 countries worldwide. It provides essential information for companies confronted with a data breach in one or more countries. The importance of data protection and data security is evident as global companies are attacked more and more frequently by hackers and other criminals.

If you wish to receive the WLG’s Guide for your company, please contact Eija Warma.