Castrén & Snellman’s Competition team Contributes to Kluwer International Encyclopaedia of Laws

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Sari Hiltunen, Jussi Nieminen and Susanna Kärkelä, together with a professor from Aalto University, contributed a monograph entitled ‘Competition Law in Finland’ to the Kluwer International Encyclopaedia of Laws. 

The recent monograph is the third, updated edition of the text that was first published in 2013, covering every aspect of Finnish competition law and its interpretation. The monograph thoroughly examines the sources and scope of application of competition law in Finland and presents illustrative case examples.

The monograph is a practical tool for lawyers handling transnational cases involving antitrust issues and those representing parties with interests in Finland. Anyone interested in comparative competition law will also find the chapter on Finland of interest.

Read more: Competition Law in Finland.pdf