Castrén & Snellman Most Attractive Law Firm Employer for the Sixth Year Running

According to the 2020 edition of the annual Universum Professionals survey, Castrén & Snellman has held its position as Finland’s most attractive law firm employer for the sixth year in a row.

We were the only law firm in the top ten, with Finnish public sector employers taking the top spots. The most popular employers among this year’s respondents were the courts, the Ministry of Justice, the National Prosecution Authority and the Foreign Ministry.

According to the results of the survey, legal professionals are particularly looking for a competitive remuneration, a wide variety in working duties and flexible working arrangements.

‘We are grateful for this feedback, and it is wonderful to be in such an esteemed group. The wishes highlighted by the professionals who participated in the survey are the same things that our own surveys have show to be the most meaningful to our employees. Our personnel consider meaningful work to be the most important thing impacting work motivation, and also considered it to be one of our firm’s strengths. Fair remuneration was also at the top of the list along with flexible working arrangements, which have understandably become particularly important in the current exceptional circumstances. This feedback inspires us to continue working on these important matters’, said HR Director Outi Ruohola.

In addition to the legal services field, the Universum Professionals survey looks for the most attractive employers and working life preferences of employees in the commercial, technical and IT fields. It is Finland’s most extensive employer survey, with nearly 7,100 university-educated professionals participating this year. A total of 186 legal professionals participated in the survey, which was carried out in March–August 2020.

Castrén & Snellman has also done well in Universum’s student surveys. We have been Finnish law students’ ideal law firm employer for eleven years running.

Castrén & Snellman has also done well in Universum’s student survey. Our firm has been the most popular law firm employer in Finland for twelve years running.

Results of Universum Professionals survey, legal field.