Castrén & Snellman Further Increases Its Popularity as a Law Student Employer

The recent 2016 Universum student survey once again reveals that we have a strong foothold among Finnish law students. For the eighth year in a row, we are the most desirable employer amongst law firms in Finland.

We also improved our position among all employers of the legal sector—our ranking was one spot higher than last year, taking second place right after the courts. This year, the third most popular potential employer was the Ministry of Justice, with fourth place taken by the European Union and fifth by the Prosecution Service. This means that we were the most popular private sector employer in our category.

The Universum Student Survey is conducted every year to survey the image of various employers among students. Besides the legal sector, Universum surveys students representing engineering, business and IT in Finland.

The survey covered approximately 11,400 students from 40 universities. Law students accounted for 542 of the respondents.

More information on the survey is available on Universum’s website.

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