Castrén & Snellman Adopts Artificial Intelligence to Transform Transactional Work

Technological development is moving fast in all fields of business. Change is inevitable, and we welcome it with open arms: after adopting document automation we are now taking the next step by implementing an artificial intelligence tool in our transactional and legal review processes. After careful consideration, we have selected the iManage RAVN Artificial Intelligence engine to support among other things the due diligence process for real estate and M&A transactions.

‘Our clients’ world is constantly on the move. This new, digital environment requires them to look for more efficient ways of working ­– and will increasingly demand their business partners to do the same’, says Sakari Lukinmaa, our Managing Partner.

‘It is not enough to keep our clients happy today. We need to forecast what kind of services they will require from their trusted advisors in the future, and we expect AI technology to become a crucial part of the legal services of tomorrow’, Lukinmaa continues.

We will start the use of AI by adapting it to our real estate and M&A due diligence and other legal review processes. The tool will among others enable automatic clustering of documents and data and performing of automated extractions and comparisons to support further and more comprehensive analysis.

Read more about our cooperation with iManage RAVN from the official partnership announcement released on June 28.

For further information, please contact:
Sakari Lukinmaa