Sinituote – Protection and Enforcement of Brands and Designs

We are assisting Sinituote in the protection and enforcement of its trademarks and designs and in issues related to the management of its IP portfolio.

Under the SINI brand, Sinituote markets and sells cleaning tools and products. SINI products are among the most popular ones in their product category in Finland.

Kungs is the leading Nordic brand for automobile care. It includes winter products such as snow brushes and ice scrapers that are designed and tested to suit the extreme Finnish winter conditions.

One of Sinituote’s most legendary products is the Sinipiika mop that was developed in the 1950s and is still in production today. In addition to SINI and Kungs, the Sinituote brands also include Savu, Lundia, Rörets and VS-Harja. 

The products are designed and mostly also manufactured in Finland. Sinituote has its own factory in the small town of Kokemäki in southwestern Finland. The group’s R&D focuses not only on the high quality of the products but also their ergonomics, environmental friendliness and design. Sinituote makes considerable investments in R&D and design and also actively protects and enforces its trademarks and designs.

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