Norsepower – Rotor Propulsion System for Viking Line’s M/S Viking Grace

We advised Norsepower Oy, a Finnish clean-technology and engineering company, in the delivery of its ground-breaking wind rotor propulsion system for Viking Line’s passenger cruise ferry M/S Viking Grace. The M/S Viking Grace, which currently operates in the Baltic Sea between Turku, Finland, and Stockholm, Sweden, will be retrofitted with a rotor sail that is 24 metres high and 4 metres in diameter. 

Norsepower’s wind rotor propulsion system is a software operated, data verified and low-maintenance solution. It is fully automated and adjusts to the operating conditions of the vessel. In the case of the M/S Viking Grace, it is expected that the vessel’s carbon emissions will be reduced by 900 tonnes per year, which correspond to a reduction of 300 tonnes of LNG fuel.