Mawell Group – Sale of Mawell Group’s Product Business to CSAM Health

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We acted as the legal advisor to Mawell Oy in the sale of Mawell Group’s product business to CSAM Health A/S. The sale comprises three subsidiaries of Mawell Oy: Mawell Finland Oy, Mawell Software Solutions AB and Mawell UK Ltd.

After the transaction Mawell will continue to operate as a separate business entity focusing on consulting projects through Mawell Scandinavia AB as well as delivering health counselling and elderly care services in Finland through Mawell Care Oy.

Mawell is an innovative IT company in the eHealth market, founded in Oulu, Finland, in 2001. Today, Mawell has four offices in Finland and Sweden with around 90 employees.

CSAM is an eHealth company based in Norway, focusing on software solutions enabling healthcare providers to access relevant clinical information at the point of care. CSAM, through its acquisition of Mawell’s product business, is now one of the Nordics’ leading eHealth software export firms in its industry, providing integrated specialist solutions across many healthcare disciplines.