Institutional Investors – Fund Investments

We advised and assisted our Finnish and international clients in dozens of fund investments in 2021. Our clients include pension institutions, asset management companies, fund management companies, foundations, private equity companies and listed companies. Individual fund investments amounted to approximately EUR 10–20 million on the average.

Our advice related to both Finnish and foreign fund investments. The funds’ investment strategies varied mainly from different private equity funds (such as buyout, venture capital, private credit) to real property funds (such as real estate, infrastructure) and funds of funds, i.e. funds that invests in other types of funds using various strategies.

Our task has been to ensure, in particular, that the commercial and administrative terms of the funds that are invested in are fair to the investor and are in line with customary market practice. To this end, we have negotiated the terms of the funds with fund managers.

We have also ensured that the fund investment fulfils the constraints of national regulation applicable to our client and their potential investment policy. We have also advised our clients in other general issues that relate to the due diligence process of fund investments.

We have also been actively assisting our clients in fund investments previously over the years.


Our experts Antti Vepsä and Karlo Siirala discuss the specific issues relating to fund investments in their blog: Private Equity Fund Legal Due Diligence: How to Conduct It More Efficiently