Google – AdSense Court Case

We successfully represented Google Ireland Ltd in a dispute concerning the interpretation of Google’s AdSense program terms and Google’s remedies in case a partner is in breach of them. Google AdSense is a program allowing website owners to earn revenue by letting Google place advertisements on their sites.

The claimants suing Google had created Made for AdSense (MFA) sites to generate revenue by exploiting the AdSense program. MFA sites, like the ones at issue, are generally low-quality sites created solely to display AdSense ads without having any substantial independent content. The dispute concerned whether the sites at issues were MFA sites contrary to Google’s AdSense terms and what remedies Google had available to it in intervening against these sites.

The court fully agreed with Google that the claimants’ sites had been contrary to the rules and that Google had been allowed to act as it did in shutting them down. The court dismissed the claimants’ claims in their entirety and ordered them to pay Google’s legal costs.