European Battery Technologies – Sale of assets of bankruptcy estate

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Our partner Pauliina Tenhunen acts as the administrator of the bankruptcy estate of European Battery Technologies Oy. The bankruptcy estate sold all assets of the bankrupt company, including its battery factory equipment and IP rights related to the operations. The equipment sold was the first of its kind in the 2010s and the factory was the first in Europe to produce LFP batteries.

The buyer is Estonia and Germany-based Skeleton Technologies, a global developer and manufacturer of energy storage solutions. The buyer will continue operations in the premises rented by the bankrupt company in Varkaus, Finland. The owner of the premises is Keski-Savon Teollisuuskylä Oy, a company owned by the city of Varkaus.

The bankruptcy administration is very pleased with this outcome as the continued operation of the battery factory was a priority also for the bankruptcy estate.