Brothers Clothing – Administration of Bankruptcy Estate

Menswear retailer Brothers Clothing Oy applied for bankruptcy on its own initiative in April 2020. At the time it was declared bankrupt, the company had a total of 12 stores and about 70 employees across Finland. The bankruptcy proceedings were concluded briskly in about one and a half years, and the creditors approved the final settlement of accounts in December 2021.

Attorney Pauliina Tenhunen served as the administrator of the bankruptcy estate. After bankruptcy was declared, the bankruptcy estate began clearance sales in five stores in Espoo, Vantaa, Turku, Raisio and Vaasa. The clearance sales were organised in cooperation with the company’s store staff, and the bankruptcy estate hired about 20 of the company’s employees for fixed-term employment.

The liquidation result from the clearance sales was significant.

Unsecured creditors accrued over 50% disbursements in the bankruptcy.

In addition to insolvency experts, the team managing the bankruptcy estate included taxation and employment law experts.