Client in Service and Product Retail Business – Multi-Vendor Business Process Transformation Programme

We advised our Client, operating in several countries and in several fields of retail business, in a business process transformation programme under which the Client will implement new business processes and procure an ERP solution with several other IT systems and services from multiple suppliers to support such new processes.

Our Client’s objective for the programme is to renew its business processes and replace its old ICT infrastructure based on legacy systems with a modern, integrated ERP solution that supports the business advantages the Client is aiming to achieve.

We were extensively involved in the drafting of the relevant agreements with multiple vendors, varying from software licensing agreements with standard software suppliers to system integration, process development and continuous services agreements. We also provided strategic advice to our Client in relation to the contractual and legal matters involved and assisted the Client in negotiating the relevant agreements with the chosen suppliers.

In order for our Client to successfully implement the multi-vendor delivery model chosen for the programme, it was important to engage the chosen suppliers into co-operation with each other already on the contractual level.