We acted as the legal advisor to the funds managed by CapMan and other shareholders in the sale of the Finnish home textile manufacturer Finlayson & Co Oy to Jukka Kurttila and Petri Pesonen, the founders of Finnish advertising agency Bob the Robot, and to Risto Voutilainen. We also acted as the legal advisor of Finlayson & Co Oy in the simultaneous sale of Familon duvets and mattresses to Trading House Eesti, which is part of Trading House Scandinavia AB, one of the largest European bedding manufacturers.

Finlayson & Co Oy is known for its high quality Finlayson home textiles as well as Familon duvets, beds and mattresses. Finlayson had net sales of EUR 44.8 million in 2013 and it employs 265 persons in Finland, Russia and the Baltic countries.