Buyers – Purchase of Spie AGIS Fire & Security Oy

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We acted as the legal counsel to two individuals who acquired Spie AGIS Fire & Security Oy from German Spie GmbH.

Spie AGIS Fire & Security Oy provides fire extinguishing and security services in Finland, Poland and Hungary. The clientele of the company consists of the largest industrial companies, shipping companies, IT houses and retail stores as well as museums and real estate companies. The company provides the following services: consulting, customer training, design, installation, implementation and system maintenance.

Spie GmbH is a subsidiary of the listed SPIE S.A. Group, the independent European market leader for multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, with its head office in Cergy, France. Spie GmbH operates in Central Europe, especially in the German-speaking areas.