Our day-to-day work at Castrén & Snellman is guided by our values: confidence, respect, the spark, and productive balance. We affirmed these values together on the basis of extensive discussions so that we could all commit to them. Our whole work community participated in the value discussions, which were held in 2008 and 2009.


We are worthy of the trust of our clients and colleagues. We behave with sincerity, honesty , and integrity. We face problems bravely and are open. We trust our colleagues and with our own actions seek to strengthen and maintain a spirit of mutual trust.


We respect one another and our clients as people, employees, and experts. We work together to achieve the best possible result and support one another. We give both compliments and corrective feedback directly to one another and receive them in a positive spirit.

The Spark

The spark that is born of the trust, interaction, professional ambition, and personal hopes and dreams of every employee gives us the drive to work together passionately, creatively, and with distinction.

Productive Balance

We ensure that we all can consider our working community as the best possible workplace in all situations of life. We develop ourselves and our entire work community with a long-term perspective and respecting the environment. We appreciate balance in life, which enables our customers to receive the best possible service from us.