Pauliina Vanhanen

HR Specialist

My job description as an HR Specialist is very versatile. My primary task is to administer all internal personnel data. I am also responsible for our occupational health care partnership, wellbeing at work, statutory staff policy plans, HR reports and many processes relating to the beginning and ending of employments, among other things.

As a precise nit-picker, I have the talent and desire to make sure that we provide high-quality HR services. With my organising skills and systematic nature I am able to master all the pieces of our HR puzzle so that all the employment needs of our employees are smoothly and timely met. I am eager to pull my weight and make this company the best possible work place for all our employees in all their situations of life.

My route to becoming an HR expert hasn’t been entirely straightforward. While I searched for my place in this world I worked and studied abroad several times and gained work experience in, among others, the fields of photography and travel. Shortly before joining Castrén & Snellman, I worked at Citibank and got involved with human resources. That was how I found my calling. I have worked in the HR team of Castrén & Snellman since 2007 and I still enjoy my work.