Jonna Vainikainen

Business Process Manager

I have been working at Castrén & Snellman for 16 years. In total, I have well over 20 years of experience in the world of the legal services industry. Over the years, my duties have been diverse and they have developed along with our firm. Experience of different duties and understanding of the services provided by our firm is a plus for my role in our development work.

As a Business Process Manager, I am responsible for business processes and master data management. I am also actively involved in the development of the business. The best thing in my job is to develop our operations in such a manner that the experience our clients have will be improved and carrying out duties as our colleague will become easier. My spark is also lit by the work’s diversity and the fact that I have the possibility to learn something new all the time and to share my competence, e.g. by training our personnel. I am an organised problem solver who usually has a smile on my face and my feet firmly on the ground.

Even though life is often hectic both at the office and outside it, I try to find time to learn new things. A few years ago, I completed a specialist qualification in management and a further qualification in coaching. Last year I completed a specialist vocational qualification in coaching. I find it interesting to explore how I can utilise my experience from sports training in the business world.

Outside work, I act as a self-defence coach for adults, children and teenagers. Nature is close to my heart, in particular the submarine world. I spend most of my holidays scuba diving and I try to combine both of my passionate hobbies.