Marko Hentunen Optimistic about Finland’s Future as a Seat of International Arbitration

Partner Marko Hentunen has been a Vice-Chair of the Board of The Arbitration Institute of the Finland Chamber of Commerce’s (FAI) for six years now. ‘The FAI has achieved a great deal during the past years. First and foremost, we conducted an extensive revision of the FAI Rules that came into effect in 2013.  The main objectives of this revision were to improve the speed and cost-efficiency of arbitration proceedings and to introduce best international practices to the rules. Now that the revised rules have been in use for some years, I am happy to see that we have accomplished what we set out to do’, Marko acknowledges in a recent interview with FAI.

Marko Hentunen is highly optimistic about Finland’s future as a seat of arbitration: ‘Finland has many good attributes as a venue for international arbitration: accessible geographical location, low corruption, impartiality, and a well-functioning legal and societal infrastructure. Furthermore, the work accomplished during the past few years has helped establish the FAI as a recognised and respected arbitration institute. The next step is to revise the Finnish Arbitration Act, which dates back to 1992.’

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