Eija Warma Receives ‘Idea of the Year’ Award from Alma Talent Pro

Our data protection and privacy expert Eija Warma has received the Idea of the Year award from Alma Talent Pro, the leading publisher of financial and professional media in Finland, as thanks for her launching the popular training programme for data protection officers (available only in Finnish). The award was presented at Alma Talent Pro’s autumn gala held on Thursday, 29 September 2016. This is the first time that Alma Talent Pro has rewarded its active contributors. The awards were divided into seven categories.

Three themes were highlighted when evaluating the candidates: the quality of the content of the training programme, the candidate’s willingness to try new methods, themes and ideas and the strength of the candidate’s personal expertise brand.

In bestowing The Idea of the Year award on Eija Warma, the following reasons were stated: ‘New ideas do not emerge if we do not have the courage to abandon ones that are less good. The idea of the year was born – or the thought resurfaced – in January 2015 when we had come together for a morning coffee to plan for completely different issues. We are happy that we decided to seize Eija’s idea. The idea generated a training programme, which consists of five sessions, and the first training programme attracted over 100 participants. This is just the beginning; the next programme will commence in November.’

Alma Talent Pro produces influential content for professionals particularly in finance, law, management and leadership.