Castrén & Snellman joins Finland Chamber of Commerce as a partner of Climate and Energy Day

Castrén & Snellman is a partner of the 2024 Climate and Energy Day. This event, organised by Finland Chamber of Commerce, includes talks and panel discussions on the green transition and its prospects.

‘Finland has strong potential to continue as one of the leading countries in the energy transition. Companies are at the forefront of developing projects and innovations for the energy transition, and as lawyers, we also participate in making this transition possible. It is a great pleasure to discuss the energy transition and its future at the event,’ says C&S Partner Samuli Tarkiainen, energy and industry specialist.

The themes of this year’s Climate and Energy Day include Finland’s energy and climate goals and its new industry policy, increasing international competition for green investments and the direction of the EU climate policy. Samuli Tarkiainen is joined by Neste’s Outi Ervasti, Vice President, Renewable Hydrogen, in discussing energy-related regulation, particularly the changes in the regulatory environment and companies’ expectations towards legislation.

‘The green transition has long been visible in EU legislation, and legislative work is increasingly active. It is important for companies that regulation is developed predictably with a long-term vision. Unwise regulation can cause challenges to investments, operations and implementing new forms of energy,’ says Samuli.

To read more on the event (in Finnish), visit the Finland Chamber of Commerce website.