Castrén & Snellman in a European-wide research project ‘Crowdfunding Crossing Borders’

Janne Lauha and Hannu Huotilainen participated in a European-wide research project ‘Crowdfunding Crossing Borders’ and contributed a chapter on Finland to the final research report. The research project ‘Crowdfunding Crossing Borders’ was an initiative of Ronald Kleverlaan, founder of the Crowdfundinghub and Anne Hakvoort, partner at FG Lawyers, a Dutch boutique law firm with a special focus on alternative finance and fintech. The research was conducted in eleven Member States.

The ‘Crowdfunding Crossing Borders’ research focused on identifying the main grounds for a liability claim in respect of the different types of crowdfunding (investment based, lending based, rewards based and donations based) in the participating Member States. As brought out in the final research report, each Member State has its own rules and regulations in respect of crowdfunding, and the exact regulatory framework applicable to a crowdfunding project depends on the type of crowdfunding. Therefore, the report is particularly useful for crowdfunding platforms planning to provide cross border services, as it aims to give an overview of the rules that a platform and/or a project owner needs to comply with when operating on a cross-border basis.

You can download the ‘Crowdfunding Crossing Borders’ research report as a PDF here.