Castrén & Snellman Finland’s First Green Office Law Firm

Our Helsinki office is Finland’s first law firm to provide business law services to its clients in accordance with the requirements of the WWF’s Green Office environmental system. We have set out four environmental goals for our office in our extensive environmental plan:

The largest environmental effects in law firms are typically caused by the consumption of paper and electricity and by the carbon dioxide emissions produced by travelling. We are committed to significantly reducing these effects of our activities over the next three years. In addition, everyone at our Helsinki office sorts their daily office waste, and almost all of the office waste we produce can be recycled or used to produce energy.

The WWF’s Green Office system is an environmental program that can help offices reduce office waste and save on materials and energy costs at the same time. The WWF regularly evaluates the office’s environmental program and only grants the right to use the Green Office logo to offices that fulfil the required criteria. Read more about the Green Office system: http://www.wwf.fi/green_office

For more information, please contact:
Pia Dahlqvist, Communications Manager