Technopolis – Sale of Business Center Technopolis Pulkovo

We assisted Technopolis in the sale of Business Center Technopolis Pulkovo in St Petersburg to the Russian Sterkh Corporation. The divestment is part of Technopolis’ strategic shift in geographical focus.

The sale of Business Center Technopolis Pulkovo is the largest real estate transaction for high-end office space in St Petersburg ever. For the past seven years, the Pulkovo business district has been the most dynamically developing area in the city of St Petersburg with plenty of tenants. At least 95% of Technopolis Pulkovo’s premises have been leased for the past six years.

‘The Pulkovo campus in St Petersburg was our first project outside of Finland back in 2010. After building the campus and developing it for over a decade, we decided to divest the asset as part of our strategic geographical refocusing’, says Niko Pulli, CEO of Technopolis.

Technopolis is a Finnish expert in work environments founded in 1982. Technopolis offers flexible and efficient business facilities, co-working facilities and related services. They have 15 campuses with 1,400 client companies and their 44,000 employees in six countries in Europe.

Sterkh is a Russian group of companies which includes, among others, the ViSt transport company, which specialises in combined transport, as well as the Osinovaya Roscha logistics terminal and the Pargolovskij TLK customs-logistics complex.