Industry Investment and Vision+ – Investment in OptoFidelity

Castrén & Snellman represented Industry Investment (Teollisuussijoitus) and Vision+ in their investments in OptoFidelity Oy in its successful financing round.

OptoFidelity provides robot assisted testing & quality assurance for smart phones, tablets, laptops, automotive infotainment and industrial smart machinery. OptoFidelity’s customers are leading manufacturers in various industries. OptoFidelity is building the Industry 4.0 smart factories by automating and digitizing testing and quality assurance.

Industry Investment is a Finnish state-owned investment company that has a mission to develop, in a commercially profitable manner, Finland’s venture capital and private equity market as well as to promote Finnish business and Finland’s economic growth. Vision+ is a Finnish venture financing firm with special focus on tech companies including SaaS, apps and internet services.