Exiting Shareholders – Equity Investments by Ilmarinen and Elo in Saka

We represented the exiting shareholders, IAIK Ltd, Kaski Capital Ltd and Eero Kaski, of pre-owned car retailer Suomen Autokauppa Ltd (Saka) in a transaction in which Finnish mutual pension companies Ilmarinen and Elo made equity investments in the company. 

The investments strengthen Saka’s ownership structure and board and create a strong foundation for the company’s international expansion and for the implementation of its growth strategy.

Following the investment, Elo and Ilmarinen will own approximately 19% of the company. The majority of the company is owned by the founding Poukkula family and the company’s management

Saka is a leading retail chain focusing on pre-owned passenger cars founded by the Kaski and Poukkula families in 2015. The company’s headquarters are in Oulu and it operates nationwide through 21 stores as well as modern online channels.