Helsinki Pre-Moot 2018 – 14th Annual Helsinki Pre-Moot

Law firms Castrén & Snellman Attorneys Ltd, Hannes Snellman Attorneys Ltd and Roschier Attorneys Ltd are delighted to inform you of the 13th annual Helsinki Pre-Moot which will take place from 8 to 10 March 2018

The Pre-Moot programme consists of a seminar organised in cooperation with Young Arbitration Club Finland and University of Helsinki on Thursday and oral hearing rounds organised by the law firms both on Friday and on Saturday. There will also be social activities organised in the evenings. The hearings and all other activities will be held conveniently in central Helsinki close to the main city attractions.

The detailed programme for the Helsinki Pre-Moot with relevant times and more information will be distributed later on. More practical information will be available on the Helsinki Pre-Moot Facebook page: www.facebook.com/helsinkipremoot.

For further information, you may contact Mr Viljami Aarbakke, the contact person at Castrén & Snellman (tel. +358 (0) 20 7765 484, email viljami.aarbakke@castren.fi), Mr Henrik Sajakorpi, the contact person at Roschier (tel. +358 (0) 20 506 6544, email henrik.sajakorpi@roschier.com) or Mr Olli Mäkelä, the contact person at Hannes Snellman (tel. +358 (0) 9 2288 4421, email olli.makela@hannessnellman.com). Should you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.