Acquisition of Integrated Insurance System


We assisted Fennia in the acquisition of an integrated insurance system from Salesforce and Accenture. Our Data & Technology service was closely involved in drafting the documentation and negotiating the agreements with Salesforce and Accenture.

The new integrated system will include customer relationship management and insurance systems and will enable Fennia to reorganise its insurance business operations. This will make it possible to refocus the entire insurance process on the customer.

‘We have a huge job ahead of us to reorganise our business models, clarify our products and streamline our processes. This new integrated system will be built from scratch. Our choice of system is more flexible and adaptable than traditional insurance systems, which will give us the best foundation to create the best customer experience in our business’, says Fennia’s Chief Development Officer Patrik Serén.

In practice, Fennia is building a new insurance business alongside its current business rather than developing its current one.  This is the first reorganisation of this scale to be carried out in Finland.

The Team