Responsible Business

We believe that in this rapidly changing world, those companies who build their business on sustainable groundings will be the most successful ones. That’s why we proactively take into account responsible business conduct in the value chain of our clients.

The best results come when companies not only hunt for short term results, but keep their eyes on the future. Wise business leaders today take into account all three aspects of sustainability: people, planet and profit.

Looking after Our Backyard

Through our advice, we can significantly steer our clients’ operations towards increased accountability. But that’s not enough for us. We want to act responsibly ourselves, too.

Our work occasionally requires long working hours. That’s why we are constantly looking for more effective working methods to increase work-life balance in the legal services industry.

We also encourage our employees’ professional development. Co-operation with educational institutions is important to us and we want to share our knowledge with students.

Our Helsinki office is the first law firm in Finland to meet the requirements of the WWF’s Green Office environmental programme. In our daily work, we seek to minimise our effect on the environment by monitoring consumption of paper and electricity as well as impacts of travelling.

As of 2018, we took a step towards a carbon-neutral office by starting to compensate the carbon dioxide emissions from our air travel. We support Gold Standard certified projects recommended by the WWF. 

Developing the Society

To participate in the development of society has always been a central part of the legal profession. As attorneys, we have an important role to play in the realisation and development of the rule of law. Our practical experience of business life is useful when new laws are being drafted. The pro-bono legal counselling organised through the Finnish Bar Association ensures that anyone in Finland can have access to legal advice free of charge.

C&S Code of Conduct sets the ground rules for our dealings with each other, our clients and the society at large.



how we seek to act

  • We refuse assignments where our advice would assist human rights violations.
  • We provide our clients proactive corporate responsibility advice throughout the value chain.
  • Our prices are transparent and costs are predictable for our clients.
  • We promote the rule of law and develop legislation.
  • We cooperate with educational institutions and share our expertise with students.
  • We promote life balance in the legal services industry.
  • We encourage our personnel to develop professionally.
  • We reduce our consumption of paper and electricity and the environmental impacts of travelling.
  • We compensate the carbon dioxide emissions from our
    air travel by supporting the Gold Standard certified projects recommended by WWF.