Resolving tax disputes can be time consuming and take money and resources away from your company’s actual business operations. We can help you avoid problems early on, but if disputes do arise, we will defend your company’s interests in all appeal instances.

We can support you in planning your business and ensuring its tax treatment in advance. If necessary, we can serve as your independent representative in resolving tax disputes. Our experts have extensive experience of advance ruling processes and tax disputes resolution both as representatives and as decision makers. Our expertise combined with our good relationship with the tax authorities ensure you are treated fairly at every stage of tax proceedings.

We prevent problems in advance by carefully analysing the tax aspects of your business, and if necessary, we can ensure the permissibility of tax arrangements by seeking an advance ruling from the Finnish Tax Administration. We will also assist you in every stage of tax audits.

If disputes arise over tax issues, you will be able to rely on our team and our renowned dispute resolution team to jointly defend your interests. You will also have the best support in tax appeal processes, for example, in situations where your company faces a tax audit or the tax authorities intervene in an arrangement retrospectively.

Wide-ranging practice with notable expertise on transactional matters, including M&A, capital markets and real estate mandates. Also active on cross-border tax planning, transfer pricing and tax litigation.
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