Maritime transport is a high-value, key element of the global economy, involving a wide range of interests and specialised legal issues.

Our first-tier team has a strong track record of acting in almost all major marine casualties in Finland and has experience of all kinds of maritime incidents, from groundings, collisions, salvage and pollution to establishing and managing limitation funds and defending owners, masters and crew in criminal proceedings.  

We help you negotiate and draft various maritime and multi-modal transport contracts and in case of a dispute, whether maritime or commercial, our leading shipping litigators assist you both before courts and in international and domestic arbitrations. Our service also covers maritime employment and we advise you in ITF and union boycott matters.

We can provide solutions regardless of whether you are a shipowner, logistics service provider, insurer, operate in the marine industry or are otherwise in need of shipping and logistics law advice.

The lawyers are careful - they do the smartest thing in each situation. They adopt not a dogmatic approach but do the most feasible thing.
Chambers Europe, 2016