Engineering & Construction Projects

Large and complex projects such as power plants, industrial developments and road, rail or tunnelling construction require a rare breed of legal expertise.

By choosing us, you will get a team of lawyers who are specialised in demanding international and domestic engineering and construction endeavours. Your project will benefit from our in-depth knowledge of the commonly used standard forms of contract, such as all FIDIC suites and the Finnish YSE 1998 general terms. We will also provide you the most up-to-date knowledge of established best practices and new trends in the industry.

We can support you throughout the construction process, from the procurement or tender phase through contract negotiations and the drafting of legal documentation and warranty and defect liability matters. We will help you find the most suitable form of contract for your project, and make an overall assessment of the liabilities relating to your project in order to ensure that all your key risk elements are always accounted for.

If your project runs into challenges, we will identify your risks, manage delay and disruption claims, and solve potential disputes through litigation, arbitration or alternative dispute resolution tools such as mediation.