Insurance Policies, Claims & Disputes

Regardless of whether you are an insurer or policy holder and whether you need assistance in non-contentious matters relating to policies and claims or in disputes relating to all aspects of insurance, we have the expertise, experience and dedication to meet your needs and to achieve the best possible result for you.

  • Policies: We advise and comment on policy terms and conditions within all fields of insurance, often relating to products, which are about to be launched or are new on the Finnish market.
  • Claims: We give advice regarding insurance coverage and assist both insurers and policy holders in relation to complex or high value claims.
  • Disputes: We represent our clients in litigation and arbitration proceedings in all kinds of disputes relating to insurance, be it disputes between an insurer and the policy holder, disputes between insurers or disputes regarding the insured’s liability. The last group relates to various types of liability insurance such as liability insurance for directors and officers, auditors, consultants and advisors, constructors and planners, and liability for environmental damage. We also regularly handle disputes relating to inter alia property, unit-linked insurance, pension insurance, fire insurance, marine, cargo, P&I and FD&D.
Our unparalleled expertise and extensive experience of the insurance sector is a unique combination on the Finnish market, making us the first choice for both international and domestic clients.