Employer Compliance Audit

The statutory plans and other documentation required of all employers are the cornerstones of every employer’s operations. They create transparency in the work community and in the eyes of outsiders, for example, in authority inspections, corporate transactions or recruiting. Transactions and inspections run smoother for companies that are prepared and can prove they are meeting their obligations. Job applicants and employees expect responsible employers to actively provide information about, for example, how the company processes personal data and about the rights of employees and applicants to their personal data.

A compliance audit carried out by our experts will ensure that your company is aware of and meets its statutory obligations. We also provide down-to-earth advice on best practices.

We tailor our compliance audits by taking into account the number of employees of the company as well as the company’s field of operation and other needs. The audit can cover, for example, the following matters:

  • Statutory obligations, such as working hour and annual holiday accounting, permits for foreign workers, obligations relating to posted workers and obligations relating to personnel under the Contractor's Liability Act
  • Assessment of potentially applicable collective bargaining agreements
  • Drafting and updating of statutory plans, such as equality plans including pay charts, as well as personnel and training plan
  • Preparing for authority inspections
  • Privacy policy related to the processing and storage of employees’ and job applicants’ personal data