Suspicions of possible irregularities within an organisation may come to the management’s attention through internal channels or from outside sources.

Regardless of the nature of the suspicion and the subject matter, prompt and reliable information as well as identification and assessment of corporate and legal risks are crucial in order for the management and board of directors to make informed and sensible decisions, often under considerable time pressure.

When suspicions arise, the management usually need immediate legal advice on how to handle a potential or actual corporate crisis. Many important decisions and assessments need to be made quickly. Whether the matter concerns fraud, corruption, competition infringements, data protection, tax, financial or other regulatory issues, we are at home when conducting internal or external investigations.

We have extensive experience from both domestic and international investigations ranging from competition infringements, tax and other regulatory issues to fraud and corruption, which also has enabled us to develop efficient investigation procedures, including the utilization of specially designed technology solutions. When also taking into account our leading expertise in most areas of law, we are your partner when you need reliable to the point advice on how to approach, investigate and assess suspected irregularities in your organisation.