Fintech is an abbreviation of the words financial technology, and can refer not only to technology used to provide financing, banking and insurance services, but also to start-ups developing or utilising financial technology.

Disruptive technology-driven business models supported by digitalisation are some of the key drivers of the current upheaval of the financial sector. Fintech is also steering consumer behaviour as, for example, digital currencies and a variety of mobile and cloud-based service increase in popularity.

Fintech opens the door to entirely new ways of doing business for both established financial sector players and newcomers alike. Rapidly spreading innovations, such as distributed platforms based on block chain technology, are shaking up traditional profit models and financial sector roles.

We are a reliable and innovative partner in this fascinating revolution. Our experts are on the cutting edge of current developments and are experienced in applying new ideas in practice. We can help you design business models that take into account not only the opportunities offered by the developing regulatory framework but also the potential risks and uncertainties. We work in close cooperation with the relevant authorities, participate in legislative work and pioneer market practices. We also host seminars and workshops to pass on the latest knowledge to our clients.

The team bends over backwards to be helpful. We have a very good dialogue with the lawyers - they really understand our business and our sector.
Chambers Europe, 2015