Contracts & Digital Transformation Projects

Contracts & Digital Transformation Projects

A good contract often forms the basis for successful and smooth cooperation.

The complexity and diversity of technological solutions and the data protection clampdown have led to an array of issues that can be avoided by carefully drafted contract. Regardless of whether you are working on a simple data processing contract, software licence contract, a cloud services contract or a complex digitalisation project involving several stakeholders, our team has extensive experience and knowledge in finding the most viable solution for every occasion.     

Digitalisation can be harnessed to improve efficiency.

This can be done by replacing fragmented business processes and legacy ERP and other business-critical IT systems with new harmonised industry best-practice processes. Digital transformation supports IT systems, cuts unnecessary IT costs and integrates companies.

Digital transformation projects call for an advisor with comprehensive expertise in the legal issues relating to such projects in order to reach the desired business benefits. Our strength is our outstanding experience of cross-border transformation projects and our knowledge of the IT market, the latest contractual concepts and best practices in tendering processes. From the very start of a transformation project, it is important to have a legal partner who is able to ensure that the contractual documentation is tailored specifically to the project and serves the project’s ultimate goals.