Authority Procee­dings & Disputes

Governmental authorities are responsible for ensuring regulatory compliance. As the amount of regulation increases, the actions of the authorities take on an increasingly important role in the day-to-day operations of a wide variety of organisations.

The increasing value of data also means that contracting parties are becoming more vigilant in protecting their interests, and private individuals are more aware of their rights with respect to data processing. Our experts are experienced in handling authority proceedings relating to data protection and technology, and we have received a great deal of praise from clients for our efficient and skilled handling of proceedings.

Disputes relating to Data and technology require a wide range of expertise and understanding of regulation, technology and business. Our experts are highly experienced and have assisted clients in numerous civil, criminal and administrative proceedings.

The team 'acts as an extension of our own in-house legal team. They listen to our goals and then advise on the most effective and efficient means to achieve those goals.'
Chamber Europe 2017 (TMT)