General Meeting Arrangements

When the practical arrangements of a general meeting are expertly handled, it is easier for the directors to focus on the essentials.

We advise boards of directors and other management of limited liability companies in all issues relating to organising annual and extraordinary general meetings. We ensure that the general meeting runs smoothly and is in compliance with applicable regulations. The company’s directors can focus fully on the matters discussed in the meeting and on dialogue with the shareholders.

Our experts regularly serve as chair or secretary in the general meetings of both listed and unlisted companies. We have several decades of experience in preparing, organising and documenting general meetings of various sizes. We are well versed in the meeting routines of general meetings both small and very large and have extensive knowledge of the applicable regulations. The range of services is tailored to meet the needs of each client: if necessary, we will take care of all practical matters relating to organising the general meeting, but we can also simply offer support by advising in specific issues or by commenting on required documents.