Advice to Directors

The range of directors’ duties and liability is constantly expanding. In an increasingly complex operating environment, a skilled advisor’s support is of primary importance to directors.

We offer experienced sparring partners for directors. We advise the directors of limited liability companies and other entities in various issues relating to the duties and liability of directors. We also provide advice and support in trials that concern directors’ liability and that can be long and demanding.

The increasing complexity of the regulatory environment sets new requirements for the directors’ skills. Stakeholders and the market expect that the company’s operations are not only lawful but also sustainable. When providing advice, we focus particularly on sustainability issues that companies must consider regardless of their industry.

We also advise our clients in matters concerning the remuneration of directors and personnel. We help in implementing various incentive schemes, taking into account the goal of our clients’ arrangements and the unique features of their companies. We offer our clients our extensive expertise in tax, employment and corporate law as well as in capital markets and private equity and venture capital matters.