Paula Halinen

Conference Services Manager

As Conference Service Manager, I am responsible for ensuring that our clients have unique culinary experiences in between negotiations and at our firm’s events. Each meeting must leave a good taste in the mouth! Each and every day I can see how good food affects the mind positively and boosts energy levels.

I act as the supervisor of a team of four persons that is responsible for our firm’s reception and conference services. We have a key role in making a good first impression on people for Castrén & Snellman; often the first person to be met by a client when entering our firm’s offices is someone from my team. Each year, we provide catering to around 25,000 clients attending various client events, making sure that the carefully considered C&S brand is also visible in our catering services. Through nurturing the spark, continuous learning and wellbeing in our team, we have the energy to take care of our clients and the rest of the firm.

I joined Castrén & Snellman 14 years ago. It has been great to work in a firm where there are so many different, inspired and wonderful clients and colleagues. What I really love about my work is when my team’s new and sometimes daring catering experiments are received enthusiastically. I find it highly motivating that the management shows confidence in my work and gives us free hands to make our many visions into reality within the limits of the budget.

Before my current job, I worked as events coordinator at EmCe Solution Partner Oy, a Finnish provider of financial administration SaaS solutions, for 12 years, and prior to that, as supervising waitress and sales secretary at the Helsinki Culinary School Perho. In addition to my studies at the Culinary School, I also have diplomas in dressmaking and leisure instruction.