Marjukka Lehtinen

Translation Service Manager

I am responsible for managing Castrén & Snellman’s internal Translation Service. I am at my best when planning processes and supporting others.

My first and foremost duty as a manager is to ensure that each member of my team can shine in their work and wow our clients with outstanding translations. My job is to keep the ball rolling in the Translation Service and to participate in its daily work. We translate business law texts ranging from listing prospectuses to draft restructuring programmes and have produced translations for numerous major transactions and litigations in Finland. We are also the right hand of our communications team and support the entire organisation in all language issues.

I joined C&S in 2002 and was soon captivated by the Castrén Spirit. I highly appreciate my employer’s strong and humane leadership culture.

I hold a master’s degree in translation studies and a doctorate in business communications.