Evelina Schmuckli


I am a member of Castrén & Snellman’s internal Translation Service. I translate various legal and communications texts between Finnish and English. I particularly enjoy extensive translation assignments.

I am interested in sustainable development and sustainability in general; something that is currently in the spotlight in business law. My work is meaningful to me as I get to participate in changing the world through the texts I translate. I also value the C&S culture of cooperation where we all work together to assist our clients and help our colleagues shine.

Prior to joining Castrén & Snellman I worked as a technical writer at a global engineering firm where I drafted user manuals for various devices and systems in English. I also have a long career as a translator, both as a freelancer and as an in-house translator in a translation agency. I have translated many kinds of texts, ranging from marketing and the film industry to engineering, for multiple clients. One of the most interesting parts of my translation agency career was being sent on assignments to Silicon Valley to translate marketing texts for a global consumer electronics company.

Different languages and cultures as well as the phenomenon of language in general have always held a fascination for me. I have a master’s degree in translation from the University of Helsinki, where I majored in English translation and minored in German translation. I also completed basic studies in several other languages, with Japanese being my favourite.