Private Equity & Venture Capital

Companies owned by private equity investors are among Finland’s fastest growing enterprises. The private equity markets have grown steadily over the past ten years. Finland has an active buyout market, and venture capital investments in later-stage growth companies are at record levels. Many investors are excited by bringing about change, such as developing new innovations or solving global problems.

Private equity investments often seek growth through improved efficiency, scaling and through add-on acquisitions. In contrast, the value of growth investments is usually based on expertise, technology or intellectual property rights. This being the case, investors must ensure that the rights to core assets remain with the company. Private equity investing also involves regulatory issues: the establishment and operation of alternative investment funds are closely regulated, whereas the regulatory framework of many innovative businesses is still taking shape.

Our dedicated experts will provide private equity and venture capital investors, entrepreneurs and fund investors solutions for investments at any stage, acquisitions and financing arrangements, fund establishment, LP advice and key personnel incentive schemes. We know your business and understand your goals—we focus on what matters.