Helen and the Bank of Åland’s Wind Power Fund Non-UCITS

Acquisition and Funding of Kalistanneva Wind Farm


We acted as the legal advisor of the group formed by Helen Ltd and the Bank of Åland’s Wind Power Fund Non-UCITS as it acquired Kalistanneva wind farm from the French VALOREM group. We advised the group both in the business transaction and in the negotiation of the project funding.

The investment in renewable energy is a concrete step in Helen’s path towards its aim of being carbon neutral by 2030 and supports its transition to carbon neutral energy production and to diversified energy system.

Helen Ltd is one of the largest energy companies in Finland. In addition to heat, cooling and electricity, it offers solutions for regional and renewable energy, smart buildings and electric transport.

Ålandsbanken Funds Ltd manages the investment funds of the Bank of Åland, and the Bank of Åland’s Wind Power Fund is the first Non-UCITS fund in Finland investing in wind power. Kalistanneva wind farm is the second investment of the fund.

The VALOREM group is an independent French operator in the field of green energy.

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